Q: “How much is the workload?”

A: We practice twice a week for 2 hours (Wednesdays and Thursdays) and have a film session.  Our games are generally played on Saturday.

Q: “Where do you play?”

A: We play our games on Shorewood High Schools field, we practice once a week on Engelmann soccer field on campus, and once a week off campus next to Lake Michigan.

Q: “Do I have to buy my own equipment?”

A: No! All the equipment is provided for you by the University! Except the usual pieces such as mouth guards, gloves, cleats, and socks.

Q: “What teams do you play?”

A: We are part of the NCFA (National Club Football Association) which means we play other teams in that league including but not limited to: Robert Morris-Peoria, Loyola-Chicago, Roosevelt Chicago, SIUe and Oakland.

Q: “Do I have to pay any money to the club?”

A: Yes, each year our members pay dues which fund our Hudl account, team supplies, and another other needs for the club.

Q: “How do our away games work?”

A: Every away game we travel via Coach bus. On the longer trips we stay overnight in hotels (which are covered in your dues).

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